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Cutting ICF basement wall to make 2 windows 30by30

KhalidShuja | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

I live in Mississauga, Ontario,Canada. My house is one of the few ICF houses in this region. I am planning to make a legalized basement, for that I need two additional windows. We need to cut the wall to make 30by30 windows.
I will highly appreciate your advise
attaching the basement drawing and your comments  on your blog

thank you

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  1. user-6184358 | | #1

    For structural advise you should contact the structural engineer that signed the original plans.

  2. rockies63 | | #2

    I take it you are installing egress windows and specified to be a certain height above the floor? Bear in mind that you will also have to install a code mandated window well if your windows are below or partially below grade and that you'll probably have to tie the window wells into the exterior perimeter drain system.

  3. KhalidShuja | | #3

    Thank you Tim and Scott for your advises, yes I am looking for egrees windows above the ground. Do you think cutting and putting two small windows,30by30 inches might cause and bad affect on the structure?the distance between 2 windows will be more than 20 feet

  4. MattJF | | #4

    You likely can get this to work, but you are going to need an engineer.

    Have you contacted these guys?

    They are the ones who did your plans and should be able to design this efficiently.

  5. KhalidShuja | | #5

    I am in contact with them too, just like to take more expert opinion from other technical persons like you

  6. user-6184358 | | #6

    The engineer can draw you a plan to meet all aspects of the code. No other expert should be needed. If problems develop you can file a legal action against the engineer, but not against us dummies on the internet ;-)

  7. KhalidShuja | | #7

    lol, I am in touch with him, I believe forums like this are the main core of knowledge and people like you are an asset, otherwise the world is now filled with hatred

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