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Daikin Emura vs Standard Wall Mounts

greeng | Posted in Mechanicals on

Anyone with experience between the Daikin Emura vs Standard wall mounted split heads and when to use one vs the other, aside from aesthetics?

For some rooms, I’ll need to stick with the standard series due to load requirements, which I assume takes priority over all other considerations.  The smallest output capacity in the Standard line is 7kBTU whereas the Emura line offers 9kBTU capacity at the smallest, and 9k is too big for some of my rooms.

Two common rooms will each get an 18k head which is offered in both the Standard line and the Emura line.  The Standard seems to have higher CFM for better throw in an open space, but draw more power, noisier, and I’d need to modify door trim to give the standard enough clearance from the ceiling.  The Emura line seems to have lower CFM and draw less power, quieter, and I wouldn’t need to modify door trim, but would have less throw.

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