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Dallas next week

Daniel Morrison | Posted in General Questions on

How many of you will be in Dallas for the National Green Building Conference next week? If you’re there, please stop by our booth and say hello. Peter Yost, Rob Wotzak, and I will be there and we’d love to meet some of you.

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    I know Carl Seville and I are both speaking at the conference so we'll be there for sure. In a strange role reversal he's speaking on plumbing and I'm speaking on customer service.

    I also have heard from John Brooks that he'll be coming in for at least a day and we plan to grab a cup of coffee and hopefully spend some time hashing out ideas together.

    One of the smartest solar hot water guys I know, Dan Gretch from Solar H2ot, is coming for the first time and will have a booth.

    We'll have the whole rowdy North Carolina contingent in tow because we are pulling for Bill Beasley to win some recognition for the green whole-house remodel he just finished. Hotel security has already been checking in about seating plans at the awards dinner since we rearranged furniture and generally acted out in both St. Louis and New Orleans. (Not my fault)

    We'll be hosting the conference in our new soon-to-be-LEED-certified convention center in Raleigh NC next year. The food and beer will be much better than whatever they have in Texas I'm sure.

  2. Daniel Morrison | | #2

    Wow. Popular conference.
    John Brooks, I know you live near by. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, swing by the booth. I'd like to meet you.

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