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Datalogger recommendations – temperature and power

canada_deck | Posted in General Questions on

The energy efficient shed project is complete.  It’s an 8’*12′ shed with 6″ of rockwool in the floor and walls and more in the attic.  No windows.  One insulated door.  Two 300 watt incandescent bulbs hooked up a t-stat set to about 41 F.  I plug the shed in using an extension cord.

This winter, I want to log (ideally with wi-fi logging) the exterior temp, interior temp, and power consumption.  Any suggestions for good devices?

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  1. tundracycle | | #1

    Thermoworks 2 channel K-probe wifi data logger. Best bang (features and accuracy) for the buck we've found. Thermadata Lite are less expensive but not WiFi. We use a bunch of both. There are less expensive Chinese options but these tend to suddenly stop working and/or have accuracy problems.

    Keep stratification in mind. You could have significant temp diff from floor to ceiling.

    We use IotaWatt for power monitoring. There are likely some less expensive options for monitoring a single line.

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