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Day and Night Equipment

SeanRyan | Posted in Mechanicals on

In getting HVAC bids, I’ve had quite a few contractors spec out ‘Day and Night’ equipment. 

Obviously it won’t be at the same level as the uber-premium brands like Mitsubishi, but wondering if people here have experience with Day and Night heat pumps – good or bad. Not seeing a lot of information or reviews online.


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  1. walta100 | | #1

    Day & Night is one of Carrier many brands. Generally with fewer bells and whistles sold to the smaller contractors just getting started.

    I think the quality of the contractor you chouse, is much more important than the equipment the contractor chouses.

    A small contractor where the owner is the salesman and installer could be the best choice trust your gut.

    Poor workmanship will destroy the finest equipment and a good workman only uses equipment he can make work well.

    I would recommend only buying equipment found on the NEEP list if you are in a cold climate.

    Remember the installer is the most important thing you are purchasing.


    1. SeanRyan | | #2

      Thanks Walta -- understood on all fronts. The HVAC company is reputable, has great reviews, and says Day and Night works well in cold climates and is easily serviced. So maybe that means it's worthwhile.

      Was just curious is folks on the forum here had any personal stories with Day & Night

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