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Definition of the term “SIPS”

ErgoDesk | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

All descriptions and information on this site seem to infer that the term SIPS refers to a structural product know as OSB, (Oriented Strand Board). There is no mention anywhere on the latest techniques for Concrete, Foam Composites or SCIPS, and ICFS, which are superior in many ways,  FYI:

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  1. brendanalbano | | #1

    Seems to me that ICFs get mentioned plenty on this site. For example:

    And being that seems to also use sips to refer to OSB insulation sandwiches, that definition seems pretty well accepted:

    What's your intention here?

  2. GBA Editor
    1. ErgoDesk | | #4

      Martin, all the info refers towards an OSB SIPS whitch, in my opinion, are just expensive garbage item only one notch below ICFS. Concrete Sips are a much better choice but ignored by your site. or are they?

      1. jackofalltrades777 | | #6


        You stated, "OSB SIPS which, in my opinion, are just expensive garbage item only one notch below ICFS."

        Kind of harsh rhetoric. People build homes out of old rubber tires and glass bottles, which technically, is garbage but put to good use. All joking aside. OSB SIPs are not "garbage items", they have their place and are code recognized.

        Just for my clarification. Are you a sales rep or distributor of some sort?

  3. GBA Editor
  4. ErgoDesk | | #5

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