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Dense pack cellulose rig rental in Philadelphia area

Andrew Levitt | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I’ve decided to make a DIY attempt at installing dense-pack cellulose to a fairly small section of the thermal envelope in my home (which happens to live under a floor, well above grade). I’m looking for the highest-power cellulose blower I can rent, preferably an Intec Force 2 or better, plus a kit for reducing tube diameter to the appropriate level and providing whatever stiffness/bendiness is needed for the circumstance. Anybody know where I can rent such equipment in the Philadelphia area, preferably less than 1 hour drive? I’ve got a 30A 240V circuit nearby plus many 15A 120V circuits, I also wouldn’t mind renting a generator if that were needed.

(I understand this job is ambitious and prone to failure for a first timer and will require lots of extra hands but I’m interested in trying it out and the stakes are very low! Hoping to keep feedback focused on options for renting a complete dense-pack blowing kit rather than the ins and outs of of dense packing generally.).


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  1. Andrew Levitt | | #1

    In case anyone else is interested, I'm going to rent a Meyer 300 from Sunbelt in Swedesboro NJ and buy 50 foot of 2" hose + a 3"-2" reducer + 2" connector from J&R Products Inc online then get 10 feet of 2" tigerflex hose.

  2. Eric Habegger | | #2

    I sounds like you have it figured out. I'm surprised you need that extra 50 feet of hose. In my case the blower I borrowed came with 100' in two 50' sections. But I only used 50' of it. Did you call Intec to find out where their blowers were available? They were very helpful in my case and pointed me to a lumber yard that let me use their blower free for up to a week since I was buying my cellulose from them. Your case may be different since it sounds like you are opting for a higher power dense packing machine than I needed. Those are harder to find.

  3. Andrew Levitt | | #3

    Eric, Based on sheer ignorance, I've been left with the suspicion (based on a bunch of internet reading) that a 50' length of reduced hose (2-inch) would be needed for things to work right. I'm actually getting 100' of 3" hose with the machine. If I find I don't need the 2" hose I'll return it.

    I did call Intec, they were helpful, but the closest rental was in Lancaster which is beyond my 1-hour drive radius. Great that you got a machine for free, I'm paying $200 for a day! Based on the prevalence of the Force 2 in literature I'd have preferred that machine. The Meyer seems pretty badass all the same.

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