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Diamond Pier usage

Garry Hopkins | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

Is there any information available where ‘Diamond Piers’ have been used to support the construction of a driveway over bordering vegetative wetland areas ? I have to comply with a town conservation code that does not allow ‘destruction ‘ of wetland to access buildable lots and it seems this system might work, but I cannot find that they have been used specifically for a driveway ??
Any ideas or help would be appreciated

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  1. Charlie Sullivan | | #1

    I can't point to examples, but it looks like your application is within their usual scope of applications. Part of the issue might be just deciding what you want and what your local code officials require for the load capacity...for example if you have a concrete truck visit to pour the foundation for the house.

  2. Garry Hopkins | | #2

    yes, that is what I am trying to ascertain as to any weight limits applicable in the use of the piers. Thanks for the reply

  3. KEVIN ZORSKI | | #3

    GARRY - I'm no engineer and I don't know how long your proposed driveway is, but this sounds like overkill. If you put down filter fabric, a foot of 2" crushed rock,more filter fabric and a foot of gravel,you would have a driveway that was repairable, could move some with the seasons, and would not require excavation. Or are you required to allow what is growing there to continue to grow? Then you need a bridge, or series of bridges from one set of piers set on grade to another, a much more expensive proposition. The idea above would allow water to move through the crushed rock ( and you could add culverts if required) but would kill the vegetation under it . What does the town suggest?

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