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Difficulty finding spray foam company for new construction

JustinLacy | Posted in General Questions on

New home (not yet started), zone 2, 50 miles south of Houston, 10 miles from the coast…

The home will have a closed crawl space. The walls and under-roof insulation will be open cell spray foam. The plan is to spray 2″ of closed cell foam on the CMU perimeter stem walls on the inside. The one local spray foam company and the two in Houston I’ve talked to are willing to do the job, but they all say I’m crazy for having a closed crawl space, and instead recommend a vented crawl space and spray foam under the first floor subfloor.

My out-of-state architect and my out-of-state HVAC designer are both highly recommend a closed crawl space (both live in similar hot-humid climates and are familiar with this area), and I completely agree with them, but it looks like the Houston area hasn’t bought off on closed crawl spaces yet for new residential construction.

Can anyone recommend a spray foam company in the greater Houston area (or south towards the coast) that is a closed crawl space proponent? Even though the companies I’ve talked to say they will do whatever I want (pay for), I really don’t want to give the job to someone who thinks it is a bad idea.


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  1. Expert Member
    ARMANDO COBO | | #1

    Two issues I see here.
    1. Installing open cell foam against the roof decking is against code and very risky. Houston's Davis Weekley subdivision's problems with rotted roof decking is well known. There are many other Builders around the country with the same problem, not just Houston.
    2. I always specify sealed crawl spaces in houses, as long they are not in flood areas. If you are in an area that has the potential for flood (even 1000 yr. flood), I would design a past-thru crawl space, with at 3" ccSF min. under the floor, to seal against moisture, and high enough to avoid possible flood level. Similar to the new elevated houses in Galveston and NOLA but not as high. Better be safe than sorry.

  2. GBA Editor
    Brian Pontolilo | | #2

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