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Direct vent sealed gas fireplace recommend

kpklein | Posted in General Questions on

Can anyone please recommend what you consider to be the best gas fireplace company? Direct vent, sealed unit. It will be for a new construction house in California, and I can’t have a wood fireplace here. Looking for something that can actually heat a room efficiently in addition to the ambiance. My initial thought was to not have a fireplace, but a fireplace is such a nice focal point in a house, and I’m wondering if the technology has improved enough to make me reconsider. The only brand I’ve found (on the JLC website) so far is Heat&Glo.

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  1. user-2310254 | | #1


    If you building a new energy-efficient house, you don't need a fireplace for warm. Wood and gas fired units are bad for the environment and indoor air quality. If you want the look without the downside, consider one installing an electric fireplace. The new ones are pretty realistic, and you can even use some models for supplemental heat.

    1. FluxCapacitor | | #2


      Why are direct vent gas fireplaces bad for indoor air quality?


      The “experts” I spoke with all thought Mendota was the best (but also expensive).

      I recently installed a Kozy Heat that we are very happy with.

      I have frequent power failures so my direct vent serves as ambiance and back-up heat to my electric heating system.

      1. kpklein | | #3

        Thanks FluxCapacitor, I'll check those out. I agree with you, don't see an air quality problem, and I'd rather have nothing (or maybe one of those blu-ray movies of a fireplace) than an fake electric fireplace...

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