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Do I need a gap between doorway framing and shelving?

thegiz | Posted in General Questions on

So built out a pantry basically a large closet.  I’m starting to cut my shelves and realize that my side shelves butt up right to where doorway will be, picture attached.  Do I need to create a gap between shelves and doorway?  Would I just slide in a piece of 1x between shelves and doorway or does it not matter and I can butt up to shelves.  I ordered double hollow core doors, I think it’s 3.5 each casing because I told guy at lumbar yard it’s against 2×4.  Also do I need expansion gap on shelves or can they tightly fit together?

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  1. user-6809423 | | #1

    Hi Joe,
    Aesthetically, adding a gap will allow for a nicer finish with trim (casing or 1X). Nailing the trim to the jambs also helps keep the jamb from moving and will help prevent issues going forward.

    When you say "3.5 inch casing", I think you are talking about jambs. Door jambs are where the hinges get mounted. These are typically 4 5/8" to account for the 2x4 and 1/2" drywall on each side. Unless you ordered the doors with custom jambs, you'll need to account for this extra width.

  2. thegiz | | #2

    So do I add a 1x to outside and inside of door frame now before door comes? It’s a small door frame so I don’t need to use drywall

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