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Do I need to replace my HOUSEWRAP? I’m insulating an Im worried about trapping moisture

Madkins | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

My house was built in 1922! 

We’ve been living here for almost two years, in that time we’ve found that there’s no insulation in the walls. 

I’ve done some reading on this site about adding insulation to my walls, but I have concerns about trapping moisture. 

it appears that my house does have some type of wrap, though I’m not experienced enough to identify it. 

Should I consider removing the siding, adding a moisture barrier, and foam to the outside? 

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  1. monkeyman9 | | #1

    What is the picture of? Maybe it's the angle, but it looks like mineral wool insulation in the pic.

    1. Madkins | | #2

      It’s whatever paper is behind the cedar shingles. It’s definitely not thicker than paper.

      1. monkeyman9 | | #3

        Ohhh got it. So you ripped one shingle off. When I looked at that on my cell phone at first it looked like you had a stud bay opened up and showing a mineral wool batt in it. But I'm really not sure what that building paper is. Never seen anything like that. I'll run it by a couple others though.

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