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Does anybody want to buy 2 UltimateAir 200DX ERVs for parts?

Airfix | Posted in Mechanicals on

As I’m sure everyone here is aware UltimateAir have gone out of business and they have not been honoring their 2 year warranty.  I bought these units to go in my new construction about 18 months ago.  Shortly after install both enthalpy wheels stopped turning.

With no technical support and my HVAC contractor not willing to take responsibility for replacing/repairing these units I’ve been stuck with buying 2 new units from Renewair.  

I’m trying to recoup some of my losses.  If anybody can use these ERV’s and can throw me some cash you are welcome to pick them up or I might be able to arrange shipping at the buyers cost.

Hopefully this post is allowed here.  I feel like I’ve been treated terribly by my HVAC contractor, my general contractor and more importantly UltimateAir.

Here is the link to the local sale.  I’ll take any reasonable offer.

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