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Does anyone have any experience or hear of magnesium oxide structural insulated planels?

mike keesee | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

About to begin work with local devleloper who is going to build homes using magenesium oxide SIPS. Claims that magnesium oxide panels are the “dry wall” of China. Have reviewed mock up w/ out staff architect and the material looks sound enough. The concept is sound, but has anyone ever heard of magnesium oxide panels or used them? Anyreferences would be helpful. Thanks.


  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    I have no experience with these products, but our GBA Product Guide (based on GreenSpec from lists three brands of magnesium oxide panels:

  2. gbauser-20427 | | #2

    Hi, Mike, I'd be curious to know the name of the manufacturer.

    Magnesium oxide is a perfectly viable cement, so I can see it being used to bind the facings of a SIP. But it's not cheap, plentiful, or easy to work with -- in none of those things like gypsum drywall -- so I'd be surprised to see such a product take off in the marketplace. If you do try them (and check the independent test reports carefully first), please let us know how you liked them!

    Bruce King,

  3. mike keesee | | #3

    Many thanks. Will keep you posted. Developer plans on several hundred home development. SMUD, my employer, will be supporting initial 6 home start, which has just had ground breaking.

  4. Bigrig | | #4

    There is a rather long discussion at the GreenBuildingTalk about this subject:
    The issue seems to be getting MGO board that is of sufficiently high quality.

  5. GBA Editor
    Rob Wotzak | | #5

    I just stumbled across some info about MgO as a building material.
    Lowes is now selling modular sheds made of MgO-clad sip panels:
    They are apparently made by Vantem Composite Technologies and are branded as GreenOx Sheds:

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