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Does anyone have experience or knowledge of injection foam from USA Insulation?

designc | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

They specialize in injection foam for retrofit applications. Their using a phenolic based methylene-linked synthetic polymer that is poured in to a wall cavity as a semi liquid. My concern is, has there been any independent study on the foams reliability and the manufactures claims?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Identifying the components used to manufacture so-called "injection foam" is difficult.

    The best roundup of available public information on this family of products was written by GBA blogger Alex Wilson. Here is a link to his article: A Vilified Insulation Material From the 1970s Returns.

  2. designc | | #2

    Thank you Martin, the article was very in enlightening!
    The representative at our local Earth Day fair stated it was made from soap, did not shrink and had a very good fire rating; with a 5.1 per inch r-value. The article seems to contradict everything that was stated except for fire resistance. I specifically mentioned that I was worried about off-gassing and he replied well there is some. What he did not say is ,that it was formaldehyde. Why this would be promoted as a " green" product is beyond me.

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