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Does the Air Scrubber Plus need the fan on continuously to work properly?

ACobb | Posted in General Questions on

I had the Air Scrubber Plus installed on my central unit. I understand the fan helps the product purify the air. I’m concerned the fan will burnout if it is on all the time. Can you tell me if I need to leave the fan on 24/7 to support the product? If do, will continuous blowing damage the fan?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    This product has been discussed on a previous GBA thread. Skeptical voices questioned the usefulness of the product. A GBA reader identifying himself as the executive director of Air Scrubber Plus claimed that "There are over 1500 pages of studies in 5 different languages done on this technology. Two of those studies are the highest level of validation and cost a million dollars to complete. These are university tests that are then peer reviewed." When he was challenged to provide a link to these studies, he was unable or unwilling to provide a link, adding to the skepticism of most GBA readers.

    In short, I'm doubtful that is product is useful.

    Clearly, if your furnace fan isn't on, this device can't be doing much. I'm not sure whether that is good news or bad news.

    If you decide to leave your furnace fan on for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you won't damage the fan. You'll just damage your family finances, because your electric bill will jump up. Furnace fans can draw between 600 and 800 watts, which is a lot of power.

  2. Richard Beyer | | #2

    Ann, Fans are designed to run especially on air scrubbers. Unfortunately there are many products labeled as air scrubbers which are simply a waste of money.

    This EPA link will help you achieve a better understanding of air filtration...

  3. ToddWilliam | | #3

    Hi Ann -

    On behalf of Air Scrubber Plus, we recommend you run your Heating & Cooling System fan continuously for at least the first week (two weeks if you have an odor problem) to help clean/reduce the pollution that is in every home.

    Many of today’s systems are equipped with a variable speed control air handler and are designed to run continuously. These systems use very little electricity and are very energy efficient. If you do not have a variable speed air handler, most parts of the country have enough need for either heating or cooling (which requires your fan to run) to allow the Air Scrubber Plus to reduce the pollution in your home.

    In some areas of the country, we recommend a special IAQ Thermostat that will turn your fan on to run 5 minutes every half hour.

    Should you need more information or have a specific concern, please call us at 1-800-864-6585.

  4. Expert Member

    Hi Todd. How are things?

  5. Richard Beyer | | #5

    Hi Todd!!

    Are you telling us that your system now removes odor to? That's right! If you select the OZONE generating unit which every state Department of Public Health advises against it's use in a occupied home. Wouldn't source removal be the preferred method?

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