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Door flashing detail

Scott K | Posted in General Questions on

We are in Minnesota (Zone 6a). 2200 sq/ft single level (9′ walls), slab on grade.

Is a recess in the slab the preferred method for pan flashing a slab? I have several innie doors, 1 outie doors and 1 sliding patio door. How deep should these be? 1/2″?

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  1. Scott K | | #1

    This is the picture I meant to attach.

  2. Scott K | | #3

    Thanks Steve. Yes I saw that. It's where I got the picture from. It's not really discussed what the preferred mwthod is when starting from scratch. That poster was trying to fix a problem on an existing home.

  3. User avatar GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #4

    Every exterior door needs sill pan flashing. For a slab-on-grade home, creating a "seat" in the concrete as shown in the Building Science Corporation document make sense. It's probably the best -- but not the only -- way to provide sill flashing in such cases.

    If you prefer, you can use a conventional technique (peel-and-stick flashing or metal flashing), as long as the flashing technique you have chosen doesn't interfere with your flooring installation.

    Here is a link to the Building Science Corporation document where the illustration came from: Pan Flashing for Exterior Wall Openings.

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