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House Plans With Double-Stud Wall Construction

Chrisroche | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

I am looking to build a roughly 1600 square foot single story home on a slab foundation in New Hampshire. My goals in mind are to build an energy efficient, well insulated home and have looked into different techniques to achieve high (>40) R values for walls and think that double stud framing would be the most cost effective way to go about this.

I have been looking at house plans online and have settled on one or two that have great layouts for our site. But I’m curious as to how or if existing 2×4 or 2×6 plans can be modified for double 2×4 construction, or if we will have to hire an architect to build new plans from the ground up. From what I have read, it can be convenient to have the structural studs on the inside.

Are there online resources for existing double stud house plans? Any additional tips or things to consider for double stud techniques would also be much appreciated.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    I strongly recommend that you don't begin building your house without a complete set of plans. If your house will have double stud walls, the plans must reflect that fact.

    You can hire an architect to draw your plans. There are also a few architects who offer standard plans that include double stud walls; here are links to two of them:

    Plans from Greg La Vardera

    Plans from Robert Swinburne

    -- Martin Holladay

  2. DirkGently | | #2

    I have the same exact question also for NH project and cannot state it any better.
    The links provided here for double stud wall blueprint plans do not lead to anything useful as since they are quite old.
    Are there any current active sites?
    Thanks to any who reply

    1. Expert Member
      MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #3


      There are a huge number of variations in double-wall sections - where the load-bearing elements are, the vapour and air barriers, the insulation, sheathing, windows, is the outer wall framing continuous, etc. All of which have cascading effects on the rest of the building assemblies. Unfortunately, there are no magical plans which can solves these design issues. You either need enough knowledge to make informed decisions about which way you want to go and coordinate these elements, or you need a design professional who can do them for you.

  3. DirkGently | | #4

    Sorry, i should have been more specific.
    I am looking to copy the double stud wall design used by Dan Kolbert and detailed in articles on GBA. Cellulose insulation about 10 inches will be enough energy performane for this home.
    I understand the risks with the system (see below) and willing to accept.
    Exterior wall will be supporting.
    My primary concern with plans is that ineterior doors, cabinets etc...are not messed up using standard plans then adding double stud wall inside.
    Any links plans or architects in white mountain NH area much appreciated.

    As for my experience of such projects it is limited to:
    A 5 house net zero subdivision in zone 5 using the Carter Scott 9" double stud open cell spay poam wall concept. The beauty of the system is the common knoledge construction procedures. I know those homes have performed well in terms of energy bills, and to date no OBVIOUS issues with mold (but no sensers in wall cavitys to monitor). The downfall of the system is cost of foam and global warming gassees.
    I have also worked on an ICF home in 2008, but not going to go that route either.
    Zone 5 2012 Large addition with icf foundation/2x6 sprayfoamwith exterior foam issues yet.....except ANTS living in roof rafter sprayfoam.
    Zone 6 white mountains 2016 remodel with 6" reclaimed foam on roof exterior/ dense pack cellououse under and vented asphalt shinle roof above foam....NO ICE DAMS EVER since.....big thanks to Dana for his help on this. Awesome performancce with this roof......but again Ants nesting in roof foam (house had major ant problem to start).
    Blah, blah, blah

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