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Choosing Drain Pipes

kevinjm4 | Posted in General Questions on

After browsing this site it seems not too many are fans of the black corrugated single wall rolls.

my options around here for drain pipes are schedule 40, sdr35, and hancor triple wall aka ads3000 triple wall (white outside/black inside
Same product:

the last product on that list is what I’d like to use for various reasons. But what’s weird is the local sales rep said he only sees it used in leach fields. That’s odd to me, especially since on the website(at least on hancor’s page) it lists lots of other uses for the pipe.

anyone ever used this pipe or seen it used? I’d like to be able to run this under an asphalt driveway. Also, I will use this for french drain as well as for general drainage pipe for storm water/gutter runoff.

Just a thought… maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to run schedule 40 or 80 under driveway at least, and the triple wall everywhere else, or am I overthinking it?

my main goal is longevity and durability. I do not mind spending a little more for the better out of the options listed above (except schedule 40 for French drain application as it is not available perf.)

i will attach an image of the triple wall pipe

sdr35 is an option, just would require one extra step for me, not a problem if it’s worth it.

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  1. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #1

    I see no issues with the triple wall pipe, except remember that you can’t glue it directly to PVC since HDPE won’t work with the solvent glue. Use the correct transition fittings and you’ll be fine. I install loads of HDPE pipe for utility work and it has a LONG expected life when not exposed to UV (centuries). Note that I’m using HDPE conduit for telecom and electrical use, so a little bit different application.

    I would absolutely run schedule 80 where the pipe passes under your driveway. You need crush resistance there (unless you’re really deep, 3+ feet or so), and the heavier wall schedule 80 pipe is best for that. You could potentially put in a schedule 80 sleeve and run the HDPE pipe through the middle (no fittings, just an oversized schedule 80 pipe with the triplewall pipe slid down inside all the way through). This would give you flexibility down the road if you ever had problems, but it’s probably overkill.


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