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Dricor or DMX 1 step?

nynick | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Our 150 year old basement amazingly has zero water intrusion even with some rubble walls and some concrete walls. We will be finishing, insulating and conditioning this space (think audio/video man cave) including LVL flooring.

The (mostly) uninsulated concrete floors are moderately level but not perfect. Flat, with some low spots here and there.

Should we consider Dricor or DMX 1 step? The price delta is almost 50% but i think the DMX would go down easier.



Nick in CT.

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  1. AC200 | | #1

    What are you looking to achieve with the subfloor? Insulation, moisture control, noise? That might help you decide. I would look to see about leveling the floor whatever you chose. If you float the LVL it will be bouncy and possibly even be damaged by loads with uneven floor.

    I used DMX on new floor with rigid insulation and poly under it and put tongue and groove glued hardwood over it. Result is not bad, would have preferred a secured subfloor and glue and staple assist, but it was a sizeable expense for a bit more solid feeling floor.

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