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Dryer vent location

the74impala | Posted in General Questions on

Would you 

   A- vent the dryer straight out from the back of the dryer, bo elbows, no longer than the thickness of the wall assembly under a soffit vent.


   B- Drop down into floor system, making at least 4 90° turns, adding the complexity of a booster due to the 20 plus foot run to exit out the gable end of the home. 

Neither one will be totally to code since in Wisconsin, you aren’t supposed to vent under soffit vents “A” and you are supposed to be more than 12″ above grade, “B” would be at best 8″ up from the grade.   

Currently there is a more torturous path similar to “A” that has the exhaust at the 8″ height from grade under the soffit vent. Basically 2 90°s. So I guess that becomes the “C” option. 

Opinions please.

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  1. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #1

    Would it be possible for you to go up and vent out through the roof? Roof vents for dryers have some downsides too (lint on the shingles), but at least they don’t get moisture into your attic.


    1. the74impala | | #2

      It is on an outside wall, so it would be tough.

      I got this done today, then remembered why I was waiting, a final plan. I can make something work still, I just felt like making some kind of progress on my journey.

      I will do 2x3 on the flat for the rest of the wall. I will have the washer on the left, and the dryer on the right.

  2. thegiz | | #3

    What about venting out the window on one side and making sure to insulate it.

  3. Expert Member
    NICK KEENAN | | #4

    Is the soffit vent at ceiling level of the laundry room? I'd have no problem venting near floor level.

    1. Expert Member
      MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #5

      I've got two directional vents near the outer edge of my soffits. One for the dryer and one from a bathroom. On damp days you can clearly follow where the air is going, and none of it is into the soffit vents.

      1. the74impala | | #6

        Thanks for all the good info.

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