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Dryer Venting Options – routing help

ruffryder | Posted in General Questions on

Hello all. I could use some help in figuring out the best way to route my dryer. I am moving my washer and dryer from our attached garage to our attached shop. The initial location for the dryer is on an external wall. The only issue is that the external wall is the covered patio and I am hesitant to vent the dryer there. I am also hesitant to running the vent vertically to make it higher than the patio awning, as I am worried about condensation issues on the vertical part. Anyone have any ideas? Hopefully the pictures will help clarify the situation.

Also, the near future plan is to enclose the new laundry room, and insulate it, have an air barrier, etc. I am just trying to figure out the venting before I start building walls.

The photo “inside shop wall” shows the approximate location of the dryer with respect to the wall, by the ladder area.

The photo “outside patio wall”, shows the outside of the wall and the patio awning and also the cabinets (and some beverages of choice, lol).

My options that I see are the following:
1) Dump it under the patio awning / behind the cabinets. 
This will likely lead to moisture issues and rotting / mold of the cabinets and local area.
2) Dump it over the patio awning.
I am worried about condensation issues with the vertical run and lint issues with dumping on top of the patio awning / roof.
3) Buy a heat pump dryer and not worry about it.
I would prefer to keep the option of having an electric or gas dryer for use.

Anyone have any better / smarter ideas?


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  1. user-2310254 | | #1

    Heat pump dryers are really efficient and easy to install. Plus, you don't have to worry about lint building up in the exhaust (which it will) and potentially burning down your house.

  2. ruffryder | | #2


    That is a good point and I am looking into it. Though I wasn’t really in the market for a new $1400 dryer at this time. I am also a little worried about limiting future options by not having a vent. Putting a vent in now (if I can figure it out) is a lot easier that doing one afterwards.

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