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Ducted A2W HP System for 5,000 SF Colonial Maryland house?

mtsolar | Posted in General Questions on

Seeking advice on general approach for an efficient heat system (s) on a classic three story colonial house in a Queenstown, Maryland. 

House is 5,000 SF. Currently has an old oil boiler with baseboard and no cooling, and has many rooms.  It will be split down the middle into a primary living space and a rental; each with its own electric service.  It will be insulated etc. to extent possible.  

 I live in the west, specializing in net zero homes/A2W heat pumps and radiant heat but this new house of my nephew’s is out of my league.

Need general suggestions on (two separate) systems that would provide efficient heating/cooling (and possibly water heating as well). I tend to break this down into two parts: 1)  the heat source (e.g. air-to-water heat pump) with air handler (?) and 2) distribution system  (standard ducting? or 2″ flexible duct/high velocity system?).  Funds are not unlimited on this project but they do want to improve efficiency etc.  I have the feeling the standard contractor in the local area there will not suggest the most efficient system so any general advice is appreciated.

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  1. paul_wiedefeld | | #1

    Air-to-air with maybe a ducted unit per floor might make ducting easier. Dehumidification is crucial on the Eastern Shore. You'll probably find hundreds of air-to-air contractors for every 1 with air-to-water experience.

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