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Ducted and Non-ducted off a single multi-split system

igrigos | Posted in General Questions on

Are there any heat pump manufacturers that make a multi-split system that will provide both ducted and non-ducted conditioning? We have some projects that have limited outdoor space for condensors so ideally there would be a single outdoor unit. I know some efficiency is lost when going with a multisplit vs a one-to-one system, but I’m guessing that  it’s probably minimal.

The first floor is fairly open and would most likely be fine with a single wall mounted unit, while the second floor is bedrooms and would obviously need a ducted system. Can this be done with a single system, or does that kind of mixing and matching tech not exist?

Some additional details – Project is probably 1500 – 2000 SF with passive house levels of performance.


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  1. joshdurston | | #1

    Yes, this is typical. Most of the major manufacturers offer compact ducted units and ductless heads that can co-exist. The exception is the larger central ducted units they often can't be mixed.

    Keep in mind that not oversizing is much more critical with multi splits since they don't have the same turn down. I'd recommend carefully placed remote room sensors rather than RAT based control.

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