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Installing Ducted Minisplit Handler in Closet

monkeyman9 | Posted in Building Code Questions on

Is there any code against installing a ducted mini split handler (Fujitu slim ducted) in a bedroom closet?

The closet is long and could be divided in 2 but would still only have an access door to the bedroom.

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    None that I know of. Since it is not a combustion appliance, you can put it anywhere.

    Watch with the ducting though. These units are very quiet, but if the runs are short and done in hard pipe you'll hear it. You want some flex duct between the unit and any bedroom registers. Also better to run the return to the hallway.

    The condensate pump on these is quiet but not noise free. I would only gravity drain if it is that close.

  2. PBP1 | | #2

    Good info from Akos, as usual.

    I have a 9kBTU Mitsubishi SEZ unit in a bedroom closet with ducts to the bedroom, two baths, a laundry room and a utility room. The unit is quiet in the winter with a little buzz in the summer from the internal condensate pump. For the SEZ Mitsubishi units, the internal condensate pump runs all the time when in cooling mode. I'm extremely sensitive to noise and thus far I've learned to live with the quite low level buzz.

    As to options, I can retrofit the SEZ unit to gravity drain (disconnect the internal condensate pump via jumper settings) or I can hook up a float triggered Blue Diamond pump (which I have sitting around for over a year now) - taping off a power port of the SEZ unit. As I'm in a dry climate, the Blue Diamond float triggered pump would probably not be triggered too often, and it is quiet.

    1. monkeyman9 | | #3

      Appreciate the info from both of you. PBP1, do you have any flex duct. I have it all as ridgid for now. It's a fujitsu unit that is vertical so will gravity drain. Just have to find a path for that drain...

  3. PBP1 | | #4

    No problem, I have rigid duct on all three of my air handlers. Flex duct on bathroom fans. For the gravity drain, might be nice to have a valve that is accessible for shutting in the winter/heating season - but guess you would just have to remember to turn it on when cooling to prevent overflow. There's probably some tech to take care all of that ;-)

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