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Ducting a Heat Pump Water Heater for Sound Control

DC_Contrarian_ | Posted in General Questions on

I have an A.O. Smith heat pump water heater and it is loud enough that I can hear it in the kitchen from the basement. It’s not super loud, it reminds me of the way refrigerators used to sound when I was a kid, it’s more that the tone it makes is irritating. So I’m looking at ways to quiet it.

I know that sometimes in HVAC work flexible insulated duct is used for sound isolation. I’m thinking that maybe putting 8′ or so on the intake and outlet might help.


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  1. DC_Contrarian_ | | #1

    In this thread:

    in post #90 user tgtech posted a document where listed the effectiveness of various modifications to a HPWH. Ducting the inlet and outlet is the most effective modification. The only things with similar effectiveness are adding soundproofing to the room with the water heater.

    Document itself is at:

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