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Ecoer Heat Pumps

woobagoobaa | Posted in Mechanicals on

Zone 5 MA coastal. Insurance situation.  Wind storm peeled off MDU roof membrane and with it all the unit’s AC condensers.   The scramble to repair/replace is underway.

Many of the name brands have supply chain problems. Several local contractors have suggested Ecoer as an option. I’ve never heard of this brand until a few months ago, and there is scarce info online about it. Anyone here have views they can share about Ecoer products?

I’ve learned from the limited info online that Ecoer somehow managed supply chain such that they have product availability now. A $600 option  provides 10 years parts and labor and monitoring via their IoT cellular connection (could be a maintenance blessing and a security curse). They initially focused on New England due to substantial rebates.

Lack of track record is a huge concern for me. Service seems highly dependent on their app / cellular monitoring. Who owns the data and what happen with the service if Ecoer goes belly up, etc.


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  1. charlie_sullivan | | #1

    I don't know about them but they look interesting and I'm commenting in hopes that someone who does know about them will see this and we'll learn more.

  2. j_prescott | | #2

    Researching heat pump options and giving this a bump. Curious if anyone has experience with this brand.

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