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Effectiveness of ductless minisplits for humidity control?

Bill Lanning | Posted in General Questions on

I live on the Texas Gulf Coast. We have to deal with heat and humidity. I live in a two story home not designed with ductwork. There is no easy way to use conventional HVAC. I am considering ductless mini-splits but I don’t see how they remove humidity from the house. Please explain.

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  1. Nate G | | #1

    The same way a conventional AC does.

  2. Charlie Sullivan | | #2

    They have a drip pan under the coil in the indoor unit and a drain line running from there outside or into a sewer. Humidity removal is essentially just as good as conventional HVAC, and potentially better because most have variable speed fans and smart controls that mean it can do better at humidity removal on days that have high humidity but only moderately high temperatures.

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