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Efficient Mini Split Usage

loeffy | Posted in General Questions on

Bought a house with a couple mini splits and I’m wondering what’s the most efficient usage. We have a 2ton unit cooling the main living area ~1000sf, a 1ton master bed unit cooling 500sf, and uncooled 300sf area. We’ve been turning on the 2ton unit midday when it starts getting warm, setting it to 77F which is comfy for us and letting it go on low speed fan until evenings. By evening bedrooms are cool and don’t need ac.  Is this efficient usage? We have a mitsubishi unit, there’s an option of econo cool and auto fan, should I be using those at all?

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  1. 1869farmhouse | | #1

    You have a 1 ton unit cooling just the master bedroom? If that’s the case, go ahead and take your door off now, because it should basically never be closed. That’s massively oversized.

    The “set and forget” is the most efficient way to run mini splits, but with serious oversizing like that, you’re going to short cycle it if you ever close the door. And possibly even with it open.

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