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Dale Koch | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Hello all,
   My wife and I are currently working on designing a new home in central Illinois.  We are contemplating using EIFS cladding in an attempt to achieve the style we want while getting a fully insulated exterior.  We’ve found who we believe to be a good certified installer who comes recommended from several sources.   While the product still suffers from a bad reputation because of improper installation in previous decades, it’s my understanding that these issues have been addressed.  My main question is about durability and maintenance of this cladding.   Issues such as cracking, staining, and other damage that require maintenance and regular upkeep are my key concerns that I wouldn’t have as much with a vinyl or brick cladding.   Does anyone on this forum have good or bad experience with EIFS that that would like to share with me before we plunge into this?   
Thanks,  -Dale

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  1. Steve Knapp CZ 3A Georgia | | #1

    Hi Dale:

    My first home had an EIFS exterior. The big issue then, as now, was poor installation, which can allow bulk water to enter the wall cavity where it can cause extensive rot. But most energy efficient homes are similarly at-risk if the door and window opening and penetrations are not properly sealed.

    I am sure the professional builders will give you more substantive answers.

  2. Expert Member
    Malcolm Taylor | | #2


    I was in Calgary last week and visited a house I helped built there a decade ago clad in EIFS. In the intervening time they have battled woodpeckers who have laid siege to the exterior, pecking holes and nesting. This seems to be a common problem.

  3. Jeremy Puzycki | | #3

    Make sure you are getting a drainable EIFS system, including the appropriate manufacturers flashings and terminations. STO has very good standard type details on their website. We use EIFS on many of our projects and have good success with it.

  4. Expert Member
    Akos | | #4

    My folks have had an EIFS covered house for 20 years. It was initially done to insulate (all masonry structure), it has definitely worked well for them. The R value jump was a big energy save for them, that by itself has payed for the stucco.

    The material has held up surprisingly well, some cosmetic damage in a car port area, damage from car doors.

    With anything painted, you have to be careful with leaving shelving and outdoor furniture near the wall for many years as it will not fade evenly.

    Items to watch for is your installer should install a proper WRB before the foam, use foam with grooved back to provide drainage and have proper flashing details around windows.

    It is an install that can be messed up, inexperienced folks that can't cover a wall section before it sets and end up with uneven color.

    The only damage my folks have seen is an area where one of the windows was replaced and despite numerous prodding my father never bothered to caulk the new windows.

    The good thing with EIFS is the up-charge for thicker insulation is pretty small compared to the overall install cost.

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