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Electrical Boxes

Faulted1 | Posted in General Questions on

Best air tight electrical boxes–

What are your experiences?


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  1. dickrussell | | #1

    I used boxes by Airfoil ( in my new house. I like the wide rigid flanges around the central box. It was easy to seal the vapor retarder to those flanges. I happened to use Certainteed's MemBrain "smart" vapor retarder, and I used tape to seal the film to the box flanges. It worked well. Foaming the two end pockets to seal the wire entries is done before or after the film is sealed to the flanges.

    If you use the Airtight Drywall Approach, with vapor retardant primer on the drywall, you can use sealant or gaskets on the box flanges, but you'd probably foam the wire pockets before applying the drywall.

  2. homedesign | | #2

    Ya know what ..
    I have read a lot of good comments about Airfoil
    I also noticed that Airfoil is Doug McEvers(posts here often) company
    I do not ever remember Doug trying to promote his product
    I say Kudos to Doug

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