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Electro NorAire air-to-water heat pump

kieran973 | Posted in General Questions on

Hi, does anyone have any experience with one of these? Electro claims it is an easy install (whatever that means), and it looks like a relatively clean and simple layout – not that different from a standard electric boiler, just with an outdoor condenser and some line sets. I’m wondering if this would be a good option for backup/auxiliary heat for mini-splits. I just signed a contract with a local installer to put in Fujitsu mini-splits, and when they go in, these will be the primary heat source for the house. But we still have cast iron radiators all over the house which are currently supplied by a Burnham gas boiler. I would like to one day replace this boiler with something electric. A standard electric boiler would I guess be fine, but an air-to-water heat pump would of course be more efficient. The COP data on this unit is decent. But I can’t find any info about it anywhere online. It doesn’t even seem to be for sale anywhere…

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  1. Jon_R | | #1

    If a to-water heat pump makes sense, I'd prefer the somewhat better known Chilltrix CX34.

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