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Minisplit installer question – RE warranty

alan72 | Posted in General Questions on

There is a better warranty on systems installed by manufacturer preferred installers (ie., Elite for Fujitsu or Diamond for Mitsubishi).

How important is this?

We have specified Fujitsu ducted minisplit systems for our new build home.

My GC’s preferred HVAC installer is not an Elite installer, but she trusts his work.  He typically installs York minisplits. (? rebranded Daikin systems?)

She is willing to have the job quoted by a Fujitsu Elite installer, how important is the warranty extension (see attachment)?

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  1. RussMill | | #1

    It depends like everything else. I dont hear of any major problems with minisplits. BUT, it depends on replacement cost for me. If this is a customers house i will replace the unit for five years. Free of charge. If WE screwed up i probably would 50 years later.

    Many times we end up wiith ZERO warranty because i install myself then have leak check and charge done by hvac guy. We have limited minisplit professionals in our area.

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