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Seeking Recommendations for an Energy Consultant

jeanpaulmiller | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

Can anyone suggest a consultant in my area (Rockville, MD). I recently (withing the last 6 months) bought an energy pig of a 19980s home on nice property but which has had some bad renovation work done on it by previous owners.

I would like to get a proper consultation on where I can best spent time and money to have the house comfortable in the winter.  I would be initially interested in suggestions what things I would need to do on the house to get it ready for a meaningful blower door and duct blast test.

It is a simple shape double gable modular home around 1500sqft woth 7.5′ ceilings.  The attic is a mess of supports because of the fold up roof design and hard to move around in/insulate. It is 100% electric with central heat pump heat/cool with ducting in vented attic. There is no fireplace and three bathroom vents, no kitchen vent.  I had a ~220 electric bill over the winter. Which is up from about ~40 dollars in my previous home of <1200sqft. More importantly the aux heat kept having to turn on and it was very cold feeling and uncomfortable.

It has obvious things that need fixing for energy saving purposes such as a leaky dog door, skylight, poorly installed replacement windows and poorly installed exterior doors. but I am not sure where to spend my time and money to get the biggest returns.

In its current state I am not sure a blower door or duct blaster would tell me much.

On the list of things we would like to do is remove one of the bathrooms and refactor some of the windows openings to make better use of the house.



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  1. Expert Member
    KOHTA UENO | | #1

    Passive to Positive is out of the Baltimore area--Michael Hindle is great; he has written multiple columns for GBA (using mineral wool under a slab, massive renovation of his own home). His work is in the Passive House/Net Zero direction, so this might not be a great match for him, but it might be worth a call or email at least.

    1. jeanpaulmiller | | #2


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