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Energy efficient dryer vent

user-6259794 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I was looking for a suggestion on a through-wall dryer vent for 8″ thick wall that’s energy efficient?

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  1. user-2310254 | | #1

    Have you considered a heat pump dryer? They work great and don't require venting.

  2. user-6259794 | | #2

    I did but we live in the middle of nowhere and we were concerned with someone being able to service it. We have purchased the dryer already. Thanks, Michael

  3. user-1072251 | | #3

    you want the ball valve type vent - Hartland 21000 Dryer vent closure. They work great.

  4. graymoments | | #4

    In my research, it's down to either the Seiho SB/SFB
    the Dryer Wall Vent

    Both seem to have favorable reviews, and both are in the $30-40 range. It would be nice if more quality options existed.

  5. user-5946022 | | #5

    Based on posts here, the preferred options seem to be:
    1. Heartland -
    Pros: very tight, and plastic can be painted to match without impacting operation, consistently recommended by Martin and by Energy Vanguard
    Cons: needs maintenance, plastic deteriorates after +/- 10 years, some may have aesthetic issue, and sticks out if you have clearance issue
    1 a. It looks like Lambro also makes a similar vent. Is this as good?

    2. Seiho -
    Pros: Tight (maybe not as tight as the Heartland?) and made of metal (can the metal be spray painted?)
    Cons: Aluminum would need to be separated from contact with masonry (or aluminum may be a pro), sticks out if you have clearance issues, aesthetics better than Heartland but may not be ideal for some.

    3. DryerWall Vent per Luke's post above.
    Pros: Prefinished metal, and low profile, no added maintenance, flap is secured with magnet
    Cons: Single flap so may not be as tight as 1 & 2 above, and single flap only has corner magnets. May be able to add neoprene to make it tighter

    4. P-Tec No Pest dual door vent - what do people think of this? I think I saw it mentioned in one post by Martin but can't find that. It is sold by Home Depot under the "No Pest" name, but the P-Tec name is in the url. It has dual doors, and a very low profile.

    5. Braun wall vent - mentioned in a forum post. Seems to be the Braun NuTone Eco-Wall EV 100 vent with a ball valve in it, but for some reason only sold in Canada (although mfg in Wisconsin - go figure). Does anyone have a US source for this?

    6. Imperial single hood louver - Sold by Lowe's and similar to the Dryerwallvent product posted by Luke - magnet holds flap down

    1. Expert Member
      MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #7


      The Seiho is hands-down the best looking. I've used them of a couple of houses, but they aren't very tight, especially if lint builds up at the flap.

      The Lambro seals the best, but you have to put up with looking at it.

  6. DickRussell | | #6

    "1. Heartland -
    Pros: very tight, and plastic can be painted to match without impacting operation......
    Cons: needs maintenance, plastic deteriorates after +/- 10 years, some may have aesthetic issue, and sticks out if you have clearance issue"

    I selected this for our house, now in use just over a decade. There is no apparent deterioration of the plastic. I did spray paint it with a product suitable for plastic, to match the Hunter Green on the house trim. Also, I did not screw the top bracket to the house. Instead, I just fit the removable upper barrel that houses the internal floating shuttle onto the elbow that does fasten to the house. The fit is sufficiently tight so as to be secure, while allowing periodic removal for internal cleaning. The top lid also pops off the upper barrel for cleaning. Over time, a fair amount of lint collects inside, although not right where the float sits down over the opening.

    A quick search on Heartland 21000 finds this (
    There is a short video showing the individual parts and installation. In the segment showing the barrel with the lid removed, it does seem that the floating shuttle is upside in the barrel. The shuttle should float in there open side down.

    I never much cared for hinged flapper dryer vents. Lint always collects at the hinged edge, ultimately preventing the flapper from closing. Frequent cleaning of that spot with a wire is required.

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