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Energy Monitor Without WiFi

amorley | Posted in General Questions on


I am looking to track peak electricity usage in a commercial building that doesn’t have WiFi or reliable cell service. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for energy monitors that might work for this case? Circuit level tracking would be a bonus, but not essential. And I’m willing and able to use a logger that would need to be removed to download data onto a computer. 

Thanks in advance!


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  1. mark_sullivan | | #1

    Hi Andrew,

    Does your site have any network or internet available? Also, do you need to monitor 3-phase or just split-phase power?

    It's possible a Brultech GreenEye Monitor (GEM) might work for your case ( The GEM has options for wired data output (RS-232 or ethernet if I remember correctly), and their associated DashBox server might work as local storage that you could periodically connect to a laptop to transfer collected data.

    If a lack of wireless connectivity is the only issue, could you position a powerline WiFi access point near the load panel such that more common wifi power monitors would work? (example:

    Caveat: I am no expert. I simply researched a bunch of models earlier this year before buying an Emporia Vue for my home.


    1. amorley | | #2

      Thanks! This is really helpful. I hadn't come across the Brultech in my research.

      The building doesn't have an internet connection (local cable company did a bait and switch on pricing for running cable to the building before and after construction), and the closest building that does have internet is pretty far away, so a repeater isn't a viable option.

      Thanks again!


  2. woobagoobaa | | #3

    Take a look at LoRaWAN technology. Low power long range low bandwidth low cost. Private onsite network with a few gateways. Or there might be a public network operator in your area.

  3. owen_p | | #4

    If you are comfortable with some firmware hacking it is possible to point an Emproia Vue 2 to a local MQTT server say running on a Raspberry Pi with Home Assistant on it.

    I haven't done this to my 2 units yet, but have been thinking about it. I like the idea of my data being local.

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