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Energy Recovery Ventilator for Garage Workshop

brandonf | Posted in General Questions on

im in arizona and looking to install a erv just for my garage and upstairs but i dont have any ductwork just mini splits so was looking for a decentralized option but zehnder said their comfoair cannot be used above 104 degrees so that doesnt leave me many options. trying to get an erv ideally because in the winter its bone dry. any ideas?

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  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    Can you describe more about your garage and the room above--how big, how are they built, are they insulated, how are they used, etc.? Have you looked into Lunos through-wall ventilators?

  2. brandonf | | #2

    the garage is about 1000 square feet i use it as a workshop and i do wood working so alot of polyurethane fumes etc. - have a mini split air conditioner but if i vent it with a fan it gets way to hot as its 120 outside. So its either im sweating or breathing in chemicals. So ideally i would want it vented sufficiently. Above it just an an unconditioned attic. I was ideally trying to get a decentralized ERV because i didnt see the point of installing an ERV just for one room with ductwork - but maybe that makes the most sense?

  3. walta100 | | #3

    If the fumes are as strong as you make it sound it seems like they will damage a EVR.

    Also, it seems likely VOCs are likely cross thru the heat exchanger of an ERV and contaminate the incoming air.

    They make equipment to deal with fumes it is called a pain booth if you must spray lacquer. Consider trying some of the modern water-based finishes.


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