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Engineering for sizing a Mitsubishi ductless minisplit

heddermanp | Posted in General Questions on

Can anyone recommend an engineer that understands the Mitsubishi hyper heat systems and how to properly size them for a highly insulated house? I need a proper manual J done. I have a Mitsubishi Hyperheat system that is not working properly and I need to start all over with the basics.
I live in the Saratoga Springs, NY area

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Have you read this article yet? "Who Can Perform My Load Calculations?"

    1. heddermanp | | #2

      Thank You Martin
      I was looking for a recommendation and there are several engineers in the article. I will reach out to them.

  2. Expert Member
    Peter Yost | | #3

    Hi Patrick -

    Mitsubishi created a high performance building team about a year ago:

    I would give them a shot by contacting them through this program.


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