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Enter your best project in Guild Quality’s Green Project Contest

CARL SEVILLE | Posted in General Questions on

The contest: GuildQuality will feature pictures and brief descriptions of our readers’ best green building projects … on [the GuildQuality] website, and readers will vote on their favorites.

How to enter: Before February 15, email marketing at guildquality dot com at least one and as many as nine pictures of your company’s best green building project, along with a 50 to 200 word description of the project.

Voting: On February 15th, we’ll post all of the candidates’ projects, their pictures, and descriptions, and call for a vote! On March 1, we’ll declare the winner. (We’re actually building our own little polling widget specifically for this vote.

Winner and one random entrant gets a free signed copy of my new green building textbook:

Link to information:

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