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EPA 608 Certification for HVAC installation

artisanfarms | Posted in General Questions on

Anyone taken the test to gain certification?  Between me and three of my kids we’re looking at 10 mini split units in the next few years and having certification would save a lot of money.  We already have most of the tools from working on farm and heavy equipment.

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  1. mikeferro | | #1

    Yes, I've done the certification. I will say, it doesn't teach you how to install mini splits, just how to properly handle refrigerant.

  2. kyle_r | | #2

    Unless you need to add more refrigerant due to lineset length, you just install the equipment, pressure test the line set, vacuum the line set, and then release the refrigerant precharged in the outdoor unit. I’m not sure you need the certification unless you are going to be removing or adding refrigerant to the systems.

  3. walta100 | | #3

    Yes, get the license but understand the test is not to prove you know how fix or install a system you will learn almost nothing useful studying for the test.

    Many of questions are tricks double negatives answering true or false.

    The point of the test is to create a record that you know and understand the laws and penalties for releasing refrigerants into the atmosphere making it easier to prosecute later.

    Seemed like one of the laws said you will not preform any work that may allow refrigerant to escape without have the required approved recovery system on site. Yes it does seem the pros fail to follow this rule.

    Yes, Kyle the possibility of release exists on every installation making a license a requirement for every install with the exception of the Mr. Cool DIY units.

    It seems unlikely you have the required recovery system and tanks for farm use but I see more and more of this stuff for sale used for short money.


    1. Expert Member
      BILL WICHERS | | #4

      Most of the test questions fall into one of two categories, summarized as follows:
      1- Do you vent refrigerant to the atmosphere? (NO!)
      2- When does x refrigerant get phased out?

      It's not difficult, but it's entirely related to handling refrigerant and has nothing to do with HVAC systems or charging/maintaining them properly.


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