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EPDM insulation protector for sill plate seal?

Chuck Ellis | Posted in General Questions on

In the article “Getting Slab Insulation Right,” a possible protection for external slab insulation was an EPDM covering for the foam. Can this EPDM cover be continued up and over sill area of slab to form part of the seal for the sill plate, perhaps in conjunction with someĀ  acoustical sealant to dual function protect external foam, and be part of air seal for sill area. or would it just be better to buy EDPM sill seal lol.

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  1. Eric Schmitt | | #1

    I wanted to give this question a bump. I am also interested on the thoughts of this idea. I would also like to know if the same could be asked about foundation waterproofing/dampproofing. Maybe continue a peel and stick up the foundation wall and onto the top of the wall to seal everything up in one shot.

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