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EPDM Roof Trim & Flashing Struggles in the US

noah_mospan | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I am building a backyard office (DIY), monopoly framed with a low slope mono-pitch roof (1:12) which necessitates an EPDM or TPO roofing membrane. I’ve built roofs, but none like this. (Cannot increase pitch due to height restrictions)

Most applications I see on the web and YouTube are in UK who have a plethora of trim/flashing details (see attached photos) but I can find no equivalents in the US and none can ship them over.

Most EPDM applications in the US are commercial which terminate to parapets or something else that’s not a traditional look. I’ve spoken to a number of local roofers who do EPDM but have never done residential applications like this. 

Does anyone have guidance or material recommendations to achieve a proper flashed/trimmed EPDM roof edge and termination?

Example UK application I am aiming for:

Closest US application I found is from Jake Bruton on the Build Show, but all his edges go straight to gutters and he doesn’t get into detail: 

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  1. gusfhb | | #1

    EPDM edge flashing works like this:
    Run the membrane over the edge, nail/screw the flashing over the membrane, then run flashing tape over the flashing.
    EPDM edge flashing is heavier gauge than shingle flashing, and is more symmetric.
    I actually like the first method better, but not what I was told back in the day:

  2. dan_saa | | #2

    Here are standard details from an industry standard manual

    1. noah_mospan | | #3

      This is supremely helpful, thank you! Now just to find the materials…

  3. gusfhb | | #4

    Most lumberyards now carry EPDM supplies. ABC roofing is a commercial supply house nationwide that sells them. They are not aimed toward the homeowner so get the names and sizes of what you want down. They may or may not be interested in answering questions
    Unlike other things 4" drip edge is actually 4 inches

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