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ERV – did I find a good buy or make a mistake?

drewintoledo | Posted in Mechanicals on

My house plan is a simple, 1900 square foot ranch.

I purchased a Broan ERV, model 140 today. I could not turn down the price of $1187.75, shipped, tax-free. I thought this deal was “HUGE”, spoken in my best Donald Trump voice.

However, I must admit that I did not do my homework on this unit before making the impulse buy.
I just felt it was a grat price and knew it would do the job per the numbers. So, using the formula here, 7.5 cfm per person plus 3 cfm per 100 square feet , I arrive at (7.5*2)+(3*19) = 72CFM.

I am able to configure this unit to operate at a minimum air change speed of 85 CFM and max of 140CFM. I can also configure from 65–>140CFM but I wouldn’t be hitting my minimum 72CFM

Can anyone inject a measure of feedback for me about this unit? Good? Bad? Ugly?

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  1. charlie_sullivan | | #1

    I didn't look at it too carefully, but it says 24 W electrical consumption, which is excellent, and "German-made ECM motors" which explains the low electrical consumption and makes the price sound amazingly low. I suspect you made an excellent choice and got a terrific deal.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    The last time I looked into the issue, I discovered that Broan does not manufacture HRVs or ERVs. They re-label units manufactured by Venmar.

  3. drewintoledo | | #3

    Thank you Gents. I feel that I made a decent purchase.

    Martin, I agree with your statement. I found evidence since I posted and arrived at an identical conclusion.

    I'll chaulk this one up as a "win".

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