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ERV ductwork sound transfer solution?

mikeysp | Posted in General Questions on

How to quiet ERV duct room to room noise?

Mini Splut Heatpump, so no tying in. 

Main stale air duct line that connects the five rooms is 14ft long, with duct registers as close as 18″.

Pic shows basic layout.

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  1. canada_deck | | #1

    Is this already built?

    1. mikeysp | | #2

      no. I am ready to install duct registers now though. I have hung all the ceiling drywall, but nothing is going in the unconditioned attic.

  2. DennisWood | | #3

    So where is the ducting going then?

    1. mikeysp | | #4

      I am leaning toward installing it in the shop side of the building and having the duct work in the shop, except to poke through the wall into the five rooms. My fresh air supply duct will be the only duct that goes well into the living space to dump over the mini split into main room, where the 6 ft ceiling fan is too. The duct in question is the stale air return lines. I got that idea from Akos so it will help to draw conditioned/mixed fresh air into the rooms. Here is an image showing floor plan. My onlly concern here is I have a staggered wall between living quarters and shop and ERV in shop side to keep noise out of living quarters, and I don't know if my shop side duct will undo all my soundproofing. I figured I can do some boxing in of the insulated duct to add to the sound repair. ???

  3. DennisWood | | #5

    Ah, well if in your shop, I’d consider using a larger rectangular duct fully lined with acoustic duct liner for your main trunk.. You can also make your own duct mufflers for the short supply branches. This will virtually eliminate sound transfer between rooms. That would be the ideal setup and my approach if doing this, based on experience, if you really want to minimize acoustic transfer between rooms. You can purchase a roll of acoustic duct liner and duct pins from a commercial supplier..I purchase these bits via Brock-White in Canada. You can use this to line the duct as well as build your own duct mufflers. You can also throw in a very short length of flex duct to each register.

  4. Expert Member
    Akos | | #6

    Take a look at the Fantech LD 4. One for each bedroom feed will do the job.

    As suggested by Dennis, flex also works well enough (especially with a lazy S bend) and way cheaper.

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