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ERV/HRV Fan Efficacy cfm/watt

Gordon Grant | Posted in General Questions on

I am trying to help a client fulfill the New York 2020 Energy Conservation Construction Code ERV/HRV fan efficacy requirement of 1.2 cfm / watt.

The HVAC company has spec’ed out a Fantech ERV, but none of their units that I can see will meet the requirement. I suggested a Mitsubishi LGH-F300RVX-E which handily meets the requirements, but they are balking at the extra cost.

Any suggestions for an ERV/HRV that may meet these requirements? Looking for something that at 100 cfm, uses less than 83 watts. My guess is that only ECM motors will do the trick.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Jonny_H | | #1

    How many CFM do you actually need? The Mitsubishi unit you specified is 300CFM

    Not sure which Fantech unit you originally looked at, but they do make ones with EC motors -- for example the HERO 150H-EC is about 30% cheaper than the Mitsubishi and claims 45W at 106CFM, or 110W at its max of 170CFM

  2. Gordon Grant | | #2

    Depending on how tight the house tests, I will need from 85 to 140 cfm.

    The HERo 150H-EC should work. I didn't see it in my research. Hopefully, it can be found in stock somewhere.

    Many thanks.


  3. Andy Kosick | | #3

    Go to HVI list for HRV /ERV

    sort by supply CFM @ 0.4 iwc
    (Change to show all rows)

    Scroll to the CFM you’re looking for and watch the watts all the way to the right. Should be quite a few options in there.

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