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Erv or hrv with no central air recommendations

Wiscoguy | Posted in Mechanicals on

So for my new house I’m planning on Mitsubishi for heating and cooling posssibly supplement with radiant depending on what we come up with when we do our mechanical layout I’m working with my heating guy that does all our work and the Mitsubishi rep on the system. 

Normally when we build a house with an erv or hrv usually where I live in Wisconsin. It’s hooked up to the furnace and central air. So without those things can it be hooked up by itself and still be on a timer and circulating air constantly. 

Lastly I don’t know very much about the different erv or hrv and I’m looking for some recommendations on quality units. Also if N hrv may be better in my area zone 6. I don’t need a zehnder but I do want a good unit so any recommendations or if you can point me to a video or website that can break down how this works a little better. 

Also dehumidifier and humidifier for the house that may be hooked up through the hrv or erv not quite sure how this will work. 

I trust my heating guy and the rep for Mitsubishi but I want to be better educated when we are talking to each other. 

Appreciate any help. 

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  1. Trevor Lambert | | #1

    An ERV will be better, as it will help with the humidity in both winter (too low) and summer (too high). A dedicated duct system is ideal. It might be worth contracting an HVAC design company familiar with high performance or green building. You shouldn't need a humidifier if the house is reasonably air tight; dehumidifier may be a good idea, depending how humid your summers are.

    1. Wiscoguy | | #2

      There aren’t many in the area familiar with this style of design son having to work with my regular company plus the cost savings is huge because they give us great pricing. The did do one house with erv and no ducting etc. so I’m just going to have to see where this goes I guess.

  2. Matt Gauger | | #3

    Have you looked into a simpler system like the Lunos? That just requires pairs of fans on exterior walls in rooms. There are some downsides as described in the recent BS+Beer video on YouTube, “Deep Energy retrofits : two case studies”

  3. William Hullsiek | | #4

    As a Minnesota guy, I am looking at an import from Wisconsin such as a Broan ERV. The new series has ECM fans and has a high recovery rate. Top on my list along with an Enertech heat pump.

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