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ERV – Settings for winter?

Roger_S39 | Posted in General Questions on

Hi all,

What are the recommended settings, things to be mindful of, for an ERV for the winter/colder times of year?

FYI: The ERV has dedicated duct lines.

Also, where does one place, set, the condensation setting for the ERV control (

Thank you.

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  1. ph_aficionado | | #1

    We have ours set on the “low” setting in winter. We find that otherwise too much outside dry air (we are in zone 4A) makes the inside air humidity too low for comfort.

  2. Jon_R | | #2

    IMO, you should set ventilation CFM to achieve a desired level of CO2 and other pollutants. If that causes too low humidity, then address that with better air sealing or a humidifier (limited to levels safe for walls, etc). If humidity is too high, then address that with source reduction or even higher CFM.

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