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ERV with WiFi Control

mdhomeowner | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I’m looking to add an ERV to my house, and I’ve come across a lot of adjustable ERVs. However, I’ve only come across one that is remotely adjustable, and that is from Holtop.

Are there any other better known manufacturers that make an ERV with smart controls?

I’m looking to be able to adjust the fresh air CFM and the exhaust CFM without climbing up into the attic to make adjustments. I’d prefer over WiFi.

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  1. Mauro_Zammarano | | #1

    Did you check Zehnder?

    1. mdhomeowner | | #4

      Thanks for thr suggestion. Looks like their ComfoAir Q series does offer app control, although it isn't well advertised.

  2. Deleted | | #2


  3. tim_st | | #3

    If you're willing to hack some stuff together yourself you can control the Broan units (at least ERV140TE, not sure about their newest line) via a wifi-enabled arduino controller; there's some more detail on this thread

    I'd imagine that the same is possible with anything that supports a wired boost switch, you'd just have to figure out how to configure an arduino to trigger the boost switch

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