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European-style exterior doors

user-7941404 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

New to the site and have searched and read as much as I could find on this, but does anyone have recommendations on good european-style single swing exterior doors?

I’m in southern california/climate zone 3B so we dont need a high R-value door for the cold, but want something efficient with a multipoint lock and tight air seal.  Fiberglass or wood-clad.  Smooth painted or wood-look.  Fire-rated a plus.  Simple, french-country or rustic mediterranean style with 3/4 glass.  
Just looking for some go-to manufacturers that would be less than $3k/door.

-Drewexim:  saw this recommendation but cant find where to purchase their doors.
-Sierra Pacific Windows & Doors: looking into these now, found a local showroom but sounds like these will be around $5k.
-Intus Windows:  have reached out for more information.  UPDATE: min order $100k.
-Pella has options that work but even their fiberglass doors end up being close to $5k once you add multipoint locking.
-Jeld Wen’s IWP Aurora fiberglass doors seem great but are expensive (>$5k)
-Hammer and Hand also seem great but are very expensive (>$10k)

Thanks for your help,


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  1. brendanalbano | | #1

    Perhaps a contractor can chime in with more details, but your less than $3k price point is what I've seen decent quality, conventional North-American style doors priced at recently. It's not surprising to me that something a little less common is coming in around $5k.

  2. Tim_O | | #2

    Denco is one that was recommended to me for windows from a GC. They also import European doors. Might be worth a check. Their triple pane windows were affordable for what you get, maybe their doors as well.

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