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everlast -> comfortboard -> sheathing assembly?

tony_build | Posted in Green Building Techniques on
building in cz-6 vt, trying to close in on a wall strategy.
current thinking out -> in:
1. everlast board-n-batten siding
2. comfortboard-80 1.5″
3. zip-sheathing
4. 2×6 with dense-pack-cellulose
5. smart-membrane
some considerations:
1. From everlast installation instructions
    a. Everlast siding serves as a rain screen, not a weather resistant barrier. Therefore, it must be installed over a weather-resistant barrier to eliminate any water penetration.
    b. Fastening into studs is not required, but Board & Batten must be installed into a minimum 7/16” of wood sheathing. The fasteners must penetrate beyond the wood sheathing a minimum of 3/4”.
2. Would require at least 3” fasteners accounting for 1.5” comfortboard and 0.25” everlast (assuming that screws would be the best option here, but input welcome)
1. Screws punching thru sheathing with no stud behind
2. Screws overdriving compressing comfortboard
3. Screws spinning in osb reducing hold and potentially breaking wrb envelope
Alternate options:
1. Use plywood with wrap type wrb (better medium for screws?)
2. Use advantech with other wrap type wrb (better medium for screws?)
3. Introduce 1×3 pt horizontal strapping over comfortboard to attach everlast
    a. Avoids potential issues with screws and sheathing
    b. More material and labor
4. other…
So that’s the topic, any guidance appreciated!

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  1. Expert Member

    It's my opinion that fastening over a very compressible insulation is best done with furring strips. Otherwise there's really no way of ensuring that everything is in plane and flat. With other types of rigid foam, like EPS/XPS/PolyISO, there's a good enough chance that if you're wall is flat, and the thickness is only and inch or so, that it can be done well.

    The furring strips add cost, labor, and time to the schedule. However, Everlast sells itself as a premium version of vinyl siding. If you or someone is willing to go premium, you might as well do a premium install without trying to skimp.

  2. tony_build | | #2

    thanks kyle, thats fair.

    any recommendation on getting consistent spacing with strapping?

  3. Expert Member


    By consistent spacing, do you mean "The distance between furring strips" or "The flatness of the wall"?

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